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DOWN - THE KOOKS (REVIEW) Virgin RecordsRelease: April 20, 2014
Warning: This review may be subject to bias. Because well, I think The Kooks are the best thing since sliced bread.
Hallelujah, four of our very favourite British indie-rockers are finally back! Following their insanely popular 2011 album Junk of the Heart, Down is the first teaser from The Kook’s forthcoming EP of the same title. If you’re still yet to hear the song, be prepared for quite the shock!
Frontman, Luke Pritchard, sure wasn’t joking when he mentioned earlier that he wanted to pursue a new direction with The Kooks. Upon the first listen of Down, a range of things might run through your head. This may include words like “wow”, “different” and “SO SEXUAALLL”.
Down is quite R&B inspired; it brings to the surface a side of The Kooks that has never been heard before. Don’t let that put you off though; Down is full of groove, energy and flair. The track, as well as the whole Down EP, was co-written and co-produced by hip-hop icon Inflo, which explains the R&B influence.
The hook present in Down is simple, yet effective; effective in becoming engraved in your brain for the entire week after listening to it. It almost leaves you waiting for Pritchard to break out into a full rap. After this tune, who knows what could appear on the group’s EP!
Down may be different to everything we’ve previously heard from The Kooks, but that just proves that different doesn’t necessarily mean bad. Where’s the fun in listening to a band constantly release music that sounds the same? Although Down has received its fair share of criticism, my suggestion is to wait and see what the remainder of the Down EP brings us to make up your mind about the reinvention of The Kooks.
The Kooks have also confirmed that their fourth studio album is on the way, so stay tuned folks! I for one am almost exploding with excitement!

-Abbie Hay

The Kooks released a new song and I wrote a thing about how rad it is~

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